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Empower Your Ad Ops Team

AdBridg has become a trusted partner and an important contributor to our rapid growth in programmatic revenue. With AdBridg, we can innovate faster to maximize revenue and yield, while reallocating valuable internal developer resources to other needs.

Andy Atherton, SVP Business Management & GM Programmatic, Healthline Media

What is AdBridg
Solutions for Publishers
What is
A better way to manage your ad stack… all in one place
What is AdBridg
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Centralized ad vendor management

Keep your existing partners and test new ones, managing them all from a single interface


engineering support

Tired of posting tickets and waiting for engineering help? AdBridg engineers are quick-response ad ops specialists

Actionable data

and insights

Fuel optimization with custom, in-depth analysis of your ad stack analytics

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Customized  ad stack configurations

Get the right mix of solutions for your specific business needs

Manage more vendors with less time and less hassle
Manage all your
ad vendors with AdBridg

If you’ve ever added up the time your team spends communicating with ad vendors, you’ve probably realized that your biggest limit to testing new partners is bandwidth.


That’s why we’ve turned our years of expertise managing programmatic ad ops for a wide range of publishers into a simple-to-use platform, where all ad partners can be managed in one place.

In addition to configuring all of your ad partners, you can turn on and off partners and test new vendors easily in a controlled environment – with access to reports on how each one is performing.

Manage all your ad vendors with AdBridg
A team of ad engineers and ad ops
specialists, who want to help you
Engineering support that makes you feel supported
Engineering support that makes you
feel supported

Submitting tickets to engineering teams and then waiting weeks (or months) for simple tasks like updating adapters or correcting a misconfigured partner is incredibly frustrating for ad ops people… and it can impact revenue.

AdBridg is different. Our industry-leading engineering support gives each client the resources needed to build, manage and optimize their ad stack. Whether it’s launching a new custom ad unit or integrating a new vendor’s technology, AdBridg removes the need for publishers to constantly rely on in-house engineering.  Our ad ops engineers are quick, responsive and incredibly proficient.

Engineering support that makes you feel supported

The engineering support we receive from AdBridg has been a game changer. Their knowledge in the ad tech space has been extremely helpful over the years, as we navigate the shifting sands presented to all publishers. Having the AdBridg engineers at our side provides the assurance we have a 'best in class' ad stack.

Tami DeLeeuw, Senior Manager, Ad Operations, Ancestry

Valuable data that allows you to take action and optimize
ad stack insights

With the AdBridg data insights platform, you can run experiments, test new vendors, measure the impact of various changes and have access to the tools necessary to continuously optimize your ad delivery.  

Having deep insights into your ad stack, along with the controls that give you access to make your own changes, takes the value of your data to the next level.

Specialized ad stack insights

Working with AdBridg allows us to experiment and test new vendors in a quick and efficient manner. We're able to see which vendors can actually deliver on their promises, something that was harder to do before working with AdBridg

Mary Brannen, Head of Ad Operations, LoveToKnow Media

Customized ad stack solutions
ad stack solutions
Every publisher has specific needs

We understand that your content, users and business goals are unique, which is why each ad stack is unique and requires some customization to fully access the one-size-fits-all programmatic world. 

AdBridg handles all the customization needed so you can easily set up and manage an ad stack, that meets your business needs.  Working with AdBridg allows ad ops teams to easily and efficiently build the ad stack they need to be successful.

Customized ad stack solutions
About us

AdBridg's flexible and innovative solutions, along with their ability to work with other vendors, has led to amazing results. Their industry knowledge and effective coordination with our internal engineering team, have allowed us to easily build and manage a very successful ad stack

Kelly Cofer Martin, Director of Ad Operations, Times Publishing Company

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Made by ad ops people

for ad ops people

We made AdBridg to make the lives of ad ops people easier… Why? Because we are ad ops people. Founded over five years ago by a former Ad Ops VP, AdBridg’s team expanded to include our CTO who’s lengthy engineering career led him to launch one of the industry’s first header bidding wrappers in early 2013.  Building on that experience, AdBridg strives to support the growing needs of publishers.

Ernie Riemer,   Founder & CEO

Ernie Riemer, 

Founder & CEO

Ernie spent 16 years leading ad ops teams at several different publishers before founding AdBridg. He built AdBridg with a vision of becoming the trusted ad ops partner he was seeking when he was on the publisher-side; an innovator in ad technology with trustworthy, knowledgeable and responsive service.

Ben Brock, CTO

Ben Brock,


Ben has been a leading ad technology innovator, launching the backbone of AdBridg’s header bidding solution in 2013. He spent more than two years experimenting, testing and perfecting different configurations of this new technology, well before header bidding became common.  Ben’s technical knowledge and innovation keeps AdBridg at the forefront of the ad tech industry.

Made by ad ops people for ad ops people
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