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How AdBridg Doubled eEdition Ad Revenue for Tampa Bay Times

How AdBridg Doubled eEdition Ad Revenue for Tampa Bay Times

Challenge: Unlocking Revenue Potential

Tampa Bay Times, a Pulitzer Prize-winning news publisher, faced a significant audience monetization challenge. While their main website thrived with multiple revenue sources, their digital eEdition, powered by leading publishing industry eEdition provider PageSuite, was solely monetized through Google AdX, limiting the revenue potential and competition for ad space on the eEdition inventory. As the readership for its digital eEdition grew, Tampa Bay Times recognized the importance of adding other demand partners to increase the competition for its advertising space.

Solution: Expanding Opportunities for Monetization

AdBridg took on the challenge by working closely with Tampa Bay Times and PageSuite to devise a comprehensive solution that would enable the news publisher to maximize revenue from its eEdition.

The primary steps to deliver a custom solution for Tampa Bay Times included:

  • Modeling Website Monetization - AdBridg recommended extending the monetization strategies from Tampa Bay Times' main website (both desktop and mobile web) to the eEdition. This included integrating additional demand partners to create a more competitive and diversified advertising landscape.

  • Technical Enhancements - The technical solution involved optimizing the eEdition's ad layout. AdBridg added multi-size ad slots to accommodate different types of ads, making it more attractive to advertisers. This improvement allowed for a more efficient user experience and increased monetization potential.

  • Development of a Plugin - Creating a standardized integration plugin made it easier for Tampa Bay Times to transition to the new format. In addition, AdBridg worked closely with PageSuite to implement the solution on its eEdition platform, which will reduce the time and effort required by other publishers to implement similar eEdition enhancements in the future.

Result: Increased Revenue and Streamlined Monetization

The implementation of AdBridg's solution yielded impressive operational and financial results for Tampa Bay Times, including:

  • Revenue Growth - The new implementation increased monthly eEdition revenue by over 100 percent, contributing to the overall programmatic revenue growth of the organization.

  • Streamlined Workflow - Optimization of the eEdition ad layout made adding new demand partners and ad tech vendors easier and more accessible for the internal ad operations team, eliminating a previously arduous task requiring developer support.

  • Operational Efficiency - The new implementation made serving direct-sold campaigns to eEdition inventory easier, which improved both revenue and operational efficiency.

AdBridg's collaboration with Tampa Bay Times addressed the challenge of underutilized eEdition monetization. Through replicating successful revenue strategies, optimizing the ad layout and streamlining the integration process, they achieved remarkable financial growth and improved operational efficiency.



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